A simple country girl trying to enjoy every moment of life.  I run a business with my husband, homeschool my kids, raise goats, and lastly and most importantly I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.  I love Him so much. I am so far from perfect, but I try my best.

I crave routine and order, but struggle tremendously with being disciplined. I tend to think “I can do it later” or  “I’ll put that up later”  I want to rise early but don’t want to go to bed early enough to allow for that early rising.   I regret all of these decisions every.single.time.

I so want to be fit, not skinny, just fit.  I like food.  For now the food is winning!

A few of my favorite things… The living word of GOD, Fall, blue jeans, flip flops, sweaters, ink pens, journals, photography, front porches & rocking chairs, Dr.Pepper, chocolate, miniature schnauzers, goats, chickens, the mountains, the smell of honey suckle, the smell of a barbecue grill, books, writing, did I mention books?

Two last things, 1, this blog is a true mix of me at any given time. 2, sorry the photo of me is ginormous.  LOL.