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How to Position Yourself to Receive the fullness of God

We have a dozen or more of the sweetest Muscovy ducks.  We also had four beautiful mallards, three of them died. Only one remains.    I truly believe God can teach us so much about love and life through these animals if we choose to pay attention.   If you’ve ever seen a muscovy you’d know they aren’t the most beautiful creatures, at least not in the face, their markings on their bodies are pretty but they have all this red garb on their face, especially the males.   Let me tell you though what they lack in looks they more than make up for in personality.

The mallard is right opposite, they are gorgeous!  Hunter green with the black, their heads so sleek. However they are straight up snobs. They walk around with arrogance, it’s as if they know they are all that when it comes to looks.

I can tell you that of the two the muscovy’s alway seem to be more lively and have fun.  They humbly carry on about their life, they will let the mallard in and eat and mingle it’s the mallard that wants no part of them.   When there were four of them they stuck together none of the four wanted to be around the muscovy’s so when three died I just knew the mallard would choose to be a part of them  out of loneliness.  I was wrong.  Because of this the mallard often missed out on feedings simply because it didn’t want to be with them.   I was giving out food but it wasn’t present to receive.  The muscovy’s will come running to you even an hour after they have eaten they just want to be with you they want to receive anything you may have.

We are just like the muscovy’s and mallards.

Some of us are humble, accepting, and living life. Some of us are arrogant, snobby, and to close minded.

Where my writing desk/ prayer time/ bible study happens is in front of a window.  Out of this window there is this one same group of moscovy’s that go exploring every morning.  I see them as they make their trek around, all lined up one after the other. Then they find a shady spot and just chill.  After a bit of chilling they peck around and then carry on back to the pond.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

Now, if I wasn’t in my spot looking out the window I would miss this entirely,   But because I am right here I get to see them.   If I missed them I’d see those little cuties at some point in the day maybe in passing, maybe they would be in the middle of the pond, maybe they would be clear around the other side of the pond.  I’d still see them but I wouldn’t have gotten that up close peek of them doing their daily thing had I not been right here.

Now think about this, God has something for us every single day. He is waiting to love on us to speak to us, to fill us up for the day.  He is ready to do His daily thing.   Are we positioning ourselves to receive it? Are we humbly, lovingly, expectantly putting ourselves in the place to receive His fullness?  Or are we just rushing through the day getting a sporadic glimpse here and there?   Are we being intentional in making Him first?

If I don’t position myself to intentionally seek Him, hear Him, love on Him and receive His deepest love I am missing out.  Yeah I’ll get glimpses of Him and His majesty throughout the day, but it won’t be that deep meaningful, spirit filled fill up I desperately need and want.

I have to be ready daily to receive it.  My day will be so much richer.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

  1. Pick a spot and try to make an appointment at the same time each day to meet Him there.
  2. Leave your phone behind. Do not check any emails or social media until you have had this time with God. ( I done this one time and something that was posted on Facebook stole my attention and interupted what God had for me.)
  3. Start with a worship song.  Then prayer, then listen for Him, then read scripture. Listen a little more.

When you awake each day thank Him immediately for another day this will automatically put you in the right place to prepare to receive.