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Church & Rain

crossChurch is for your spirit what rain is to the earth.

It brightens things up

It cleanses

It freshens

It restores

It renews

It generates growth

Jesus offers you a downpour that will clean you white as snow.

Not rain, but crimson blood poured out once for ALL.

Leave your umbrella of this world behind. Stand before God looking heavenward with outstretched arms and grab hold of the one that brought heaven to you. Cling to Him and never let go.

Then spend the rest of your life cleansing-freshening-restoring-renewing and growing daily in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
























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Test my Heart

At our Wednesday night Bible Study at church our Pastor was teaching out of John.  He veered off to talk about church.    A lot of what he said really got me to thinking. Searching my heart and soul.

Have we as the church missed the mark?   Are we as loving and accepting as we proclaim to be?  Are we really all in or are we putting on a show?

Do we live in action the scripture we recite?

Do we truly have the faith we say we do at all times, even in the bad times or do we only have that kind of faith when things are good?

Are we the same person at home as we are inside the four walls of a physical church building?

Are we serving when it’s convenient for us or only when it’s exciting and we want accolades?

Now change all those pronouns from we to I.

When I think of what Jesus done for me. When I think about how God made the way for me to know Him.  When I think of how undeserving I am.  When I think of how on my BEST day I am still unworthy of His grace and mercy it brings me to tears and fuels a desire to serve Him with all that I am.

If you haven’t done so lately get away with God and ask Him Psalms 139:23-24


It is a scary prayer to pray. But if you or I want to go deeper,  grow stronger and be closer to God it is a must.