The truth about the influence of music

Music has been a staple for as long as any of us can remember.  There is something soothing about music. It creates emotions, it recalls places, events, and people that time wants to erase.   There is so much to it.

It wiggles its way into our ears, settles into our memory bank and tucks comfortably into our hearts.  That wouldn’t be a bad thing so long as the music is clean and meaningful.

Lucifer in Heaven, now is satan, cast out for jealousy, pride, and envy. That’s right.  He was the head of worship in Heaven.  So what do you think his main mode of stealing, killing, and destroying is here on earth? Music.  Please read on.

I am one of those people who isn’t a ball of nerves at the thought of a star. I don’t get star struck. If anything as I have leaned closer and harder into the Lord I am anti-stars.  I recently listened to a sermon and he was talking about how people worship and admire singers. It’s true.   It’s not even just music, its movies, T.V. shows.  It’s Hollywood in general.

Parents, I want you to understand what is a stake here. I want you to tap into every single social media app your teen or even child for that matter is involved in.  I want you to look up the lyrics to these songs they are singing.

Recently my 19-year-old daughter and I seen a cute video of a girl lip-syncing to a movie clip. She done it so well. It was so cute.  So she downloaded the app, immediately it synced up with all the people in her contacts, on her IG and her FB.  There we sat in complete shock at some of these videos of these young girls that we know.  Far cry from the innocent girl they portray themselves to be.  Their parents may not even be aware.

You see, there is a root to these videos, they aren’t doing them just because they are fun to make. If no one watched they’d lose interest.  They are doing these things for attention, for likes, for popularity.

They have been listening to songs, dancing, and desiring to live out these lyrics.  If a song can come on and make you want to dance, tap your feet… then what makes you think these songs won’t make them want to cuss, fight,drink, do drugs, have sex, and perhaps even commit suicide or murder.  By now you may be thinking hold up ya holy rolling old lady.

Now is where I tell you to stop and really think about what I am saying.

I had a poll up on fb and so far every vote says yes that music in influential. The question is, what music is influencing your kids and grandkids?

One song talked about “silting your wrist is like a god Another song says Bang yo head up against a wall, wish you were dead, slit yo wrist then hide the cuts so no one knows what you did. I’m so pissed as if the only way that could forget is to self inflict a little pain to make me happy again, bang yo head.”

These kids now days are way different from my generation.  They are dealing with stresses and things I never had to deal with.  If I had a bully at school, when I got home they had no reach on me, now these kids are on social media where their bullies can stalk. Even sending them into suicide.

Kids now days are dealing with a distorted self-image, they think what’s on the big screen, in magazines, and social media where filters are available is normal and what they have to measure up to.  They see where showing as much skin as possible is sexy and it’s what guys want. They make a video in short shorts, low-cut top, get tons of likes, so they feel the need to up the ante. Next video is more risqué than the last and it goes on and on until they have completely sold themselves out of any dignity and modesty. The desire to be admired is setting them on a path and social media and music has enticed and allowed it.

Kids today are dealing with broken homes with mama’s new boyfriend and daddy’s new girl friend and siblings from different parents. They are competing for their parents attention and affections. They don’t get it, turn to the first guy or girl that gives it to them.  The parents can’t even be bothered to be decent parents because they too are hulled up in the bathroom snapping their own selfies to keep their social life lit. HA! Don’t believe it. Sit down and listen to some of these teens.

Here’s another area to be concerned about. As if all that wasn’t enough.  These sickening songs they are listening to have videos.   They study watch and act out these videos. Your sweet little Suzy may not be aware that all those cute little hand and finger gestures in her video and photos  most likely mean something. They are typically associated with a gang or relay a coded message alerting their looker to whatever that thing represents. I have been studying and researching these for a while now. I am greatly concerned.

And you need to be too.  If you look at what these singers, actors, lyrics, movies, and shows represent you’ll understand what the cost is. Souls. Heaven. Hell.  There is a spirit, demonic spirits attached to all of these things.






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Spring has Sprung

I am so happy Spring is finally here.  Unfortunately with it has come a huge case of the worse allergies I have ever experienced.   The good thing is we have been  able to start on the list of home projects that are in desperate needing of getting done.

Our daughter is getting married, we are planning, dreaming, planning, spending, planning and just so high on living this one and only life.  While our life is filled with happy times that come with planning  a future I am also once again painfully reminded of how short life is, how it can change on a dime.  Just one doctor’s visit can change everything.  

Last year a really great friends daughter battled cancer.  I can’t imagine what she felt.  I hurt for her. I waged prayer wars with her.   I am blessed to say my God, the one true God healed her on this side of Heaven.   Sadly, now another member of their family is facing cancer.   We are praying.

I have added a new goat to my herd. I got my doe back that I bought last year. She was bought with the plan to milk, but  I wasn’t prepared at all for it. Overwhelmed doesn’t even touch what I felt on that cold, stormy morning in a 5×5 shed with 4 goats  piled in.  I was crying, I hadn’t had coffee and I was under experienced in milking.  A very dear friend that raises goats came to my rescue.  So now I am all prepared.  I am so happy to have her back.  We are milking her and our little Nigerian Honey B.   

Each day that I awake and have the physical means to experience and do these thing I am so thankful, truly thankful. 


~ Have a good week.  

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Test my Heart

At our Wednesday night Bible Study at church our Pastor was teaching out of John.  He veered off to talk about church.    A lot of what he said really got me to thinking. Searching my heart and soul.

Have we as the church missed the mark?   Are we as loving and accepting as we proclaim to be?  Are we really all in or are we putting on a show?

Do we live in action the scripture we recite?

Do we truly have the faith we say we do at all times, even in the bad times or do we only have that kind of faith when things are good?

Are we the same person at home as we are inside the four walls of a physical church building?

Are we serving when it’s convenient for us or only when it’s exciting and we want accolades?

Now change all those pronouns from we to I.

When I think of what Jesus done for me. When I think about how God made the way for me to know Him.  When I think of how undeserving I am.  When I think of how on my BEST day I am still unworthy of His grace and mercy it brings me to tears and fuels a desire to serve Him with all that I am.

If you haven’t done so lately get away with God and ask Him Psalms 139:23-24


It is a scary prayer to pray. But if you or I want to go deeper,  grow stronger and be closer to God it is a must.





January Girl




January girl here.  Another year gone, another year older.  Is it more of walking out of an age or into an age?

It is closing a chapter or writing a new one?

Perhaps it’s a little of both.

Either way I call myself blessed.

I wouldn’t want to be a teen or in my twenties again.  I spent my twenties so unsure of who I was.  More than that I truly didn’t know what I wanted.   According to the Myers Briggs Personality Type test I am in INFJ.

INFJ’s like myself are intuitive and deep.  Everything means something to us.  Every decision is crucial. There is no coincidence, there is no fate involved.  At least on our part, it is all very intentional.

Every word said to us propels us or or plays over & over while we dissect it.  Once we know who we are we love ourselves.   So you see that is why I don’t care to start back at twenty.

I have enjoyed my thirties immensely.  I am thankful that (Lord willing) I will awake tomorrow another year older.  I will begin a journey into another year.

It is snowy here in N. Mississippi.  This is a once a winter treat for us. I think only one time ever can I recall a white birthday.

Thank you Lord for the small things,  to me, they are the BIG things.


The Star, my movie review

This afternoon I took my kids to the movies. I am not a big movie goer. Mainly because it is expensive, and also because I am just not a fan of being around that many people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love people just not sitting elbow to elbow with them for 2 hours.

It has been a while since we all went and our theatre just installed reclining seats during a recent remodel.

I am so glad to see more Christian based films in the last few years.  Some of them can be corny, cliche, and inaccurate.   However, I  am still thankful they exist and are still worthy of support.

Anyways, this movie although had things added was great.  If there were 5 stars, I would give it 5.

The little donkey and his side kick are searching for a life with meaning.  Something bigger and more than just what they had been doing.  We are like that too.  We get busy with the day to day grind.  We feel at times that there is more to life than what we are living.

So they set about their journey running on sheer excitement.  Once obstacles come their way and things get tough they loose momentum.  He has his plan but it gets interrupted so he can “warn Mary”  soon what he thought he wanted all his life gets taken over so he can save her.   A confrontation by Joseph leaves words said to the donkey that crush his little spirit.  He buys into the insults hurled and him and he decides then to forgo his plans to warn her and just go back to his “desires”   We are like that too, aren’t we.

We believe what others say about us.  We know our heart and intentions, but not everyone does.  That is when we need to stay the course, lean in to God and know what He says about us.

At some point the little donkey realizes when he sees what he desired his whole life that it wasn’t what he wanted anymore.  God had placed a new desire in him and he didn’t realize it until he seen what he thought he wanted. You see by this time lights and bells are going off inside me.  I see the correlation between it all.   God positioned the donkey for such a time as this.  The donkey was on the path God was leading him to. But those insults and the tough time was proving to be to much to go on.   Abandoning his mission seemed like the easiest thing.

Oh how we are just like that.  We can have a desire in our hearts and want it so much, but if we are not rooted so deep in Jesus we will abandon it all at the first storm.

When we have a desire in us that lines up to glorify God we must keep at it. Don’t even think for one minute that things are going to be a cake walk.   Struggles are going to come.

I won’t tell you the ending. I’ll just say that my heart was swelled up and tears flowed.  Jesus is the wildest ride but it’s so worth it.



Seasons of life

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Fall, autumn, whatever you call it, it’s refreshing after a long hot summer.  There is so much about it I love. The surface stuff is a given cooler temps, changing colors, etc, but I love the deeper stuff it represents.

In a season where dormancy is in motion it relates to my life.  Our lives go through seasons to.  Change is always going to come. It can be surface changes or just like fall deeper.

In order to grow some things have to be put to rest or die all together.   Think about where you are now, where you were, now think of where you are going.  Is everything that was there in the very beginning still with you now? Will what you have or who you have now be the same then?

What happens to those plants and trees that loose their leaves?  The tree sits bare all winter,   it slows down to save energy. It seems as if it’s dead, it isn’t. It is preparing for spring and the time of rebirth.   That tree is coming back stronger and prettier in growth mode. It never stops.

I too, am in a season of change. 🙂