January Girl




January girl here.  Another year gone, another year older.  Is it more of walking out of an age or into an age?

It is closing a chapter or writing a new one?

Perhaps it’s a little of both.

Either way I call myself blessed.

I wouldn’t want to be a teen or in my twenties again.  I spent my twenties so unsure of who I was.  More than that I truly didn’t know what I wanted.   According to the Myers Briggs Personality Type test I am in INFJ.

INFJ’s like myself are intuitive and deep.  Everything means something to us.  Every decision is crucial. There is no coincidence, there is no fate involved.  At least on our part, it is all very intentional.

Every word said to us propels us or or plays over & over while we dissect it.  Once we know who we are we love ourselves.   So you see that is why I don’t care to start back at twenty.

I have enjoyed my thirties immensely.  I am thankful that (Lord willing) I will awake tomorrow another year older.  I will begin a journey into another year.

It is snowy here in N. Mississippi.  This is a once a winter treat for us. I think only one time ever can I recall a white birthday.

Thank you Lord for the small things,  to me, they are the BIG things.