The truth about the influence of music

Music has been a staple for as long as any of us can remember.  There is something soothing about music. It creates emotions, it recalls places, events, and people that time wants to erase.   There is so much to it.

It wiggles its way into our ears, settles into our memory bank and tucks comfortably into our hearts.  That wouldn’t be a bad thing so long as the music is clean and meaningful.

Lucifer in Heaven, now is satan, cast out for jealousy, pride, and envy. That’s right.  He was the head of worship in Heaven.  So what do you think his main mode of stealing, killing, and destroying is here on earth? Music.  Please read on.

I am one of those people who isn’t a ball of nerves at the thought of a star. I don’t get star struck. If anything as I have leaned closer and harder into the Lord I am anti-stars.  I recently listened to a sermon and he was talking about how people worship and admire singers. It’s true.   It’s not even just music, its movies, T.V. shows.  It’s Hollywood in general.

Parents, I want you to understand what is a stake here. I want you to tap into every single social media app your teen or even child for that matter is involved in.  I want you to look up the lyrics to these songs they are singing.

Recently my 19-year-old daughter and I seen a cute video of a girl lip-syncing to a movie clip. She done it so well. It was so cute.  So she downloaded the app, immediately it synced up with all the people in her contacts, on her IG and her FB.  There we sat in complete shock at some of these videos of these young girls that we know.  Far cry from the innocent girl they portray themselves to be.  Their parents may not even be aware.

You see, there is a root to these videos, they aren’t doing them just because they are fun to make. If no one watched they’d lose interest.  They are doing these things for attention, for likes, for popularity.

They have been listening to songs, dancing, and desiring to live out these lyrics.  If a song can come on and make you want to dance, tap your feet… then what makes you think these songs won’t make them want to cuss, fight,drink, do drugs, have sex, and perhaps even commit suicide or murder.  By now you may be thinking hold up ya holy rolling old lady.

Now is where I tell you to stop and really think about what I am saying.

I had a poll up on fb and so far every vote says yes that music in influential. The question is, what music is influencing your kids and grandkids?

One song talked about “silting your wrist is like a god Another song says Bang yo head up against a wall, wish you were dead, slit yo wrist then hide the cuts so no one knows what you did. I’m so pissed as if the only way that could forget is to self inflict a little pain to make me happy again, bang yo head.”

These kids now days are way different from my generation.  They are dealing with stresses and things I never had to deal with.  If I had a bully at school, when I got home they had no reach on me, now these kids are on social media where their bullies can stalk. Even sending them into suicide.

Kids now days are dealing with a distorted self-image, they think what’s on the big screen, in magazines, and social media where filters are available is normal and what they have to measure up to.  They see where showing as much skin as possible is sexy and it’s what guys want. They make a video in short shorts, low-cut top, get tons of likes, so they feel the need to up the ante. Next video is more risqué than the last and it goes on and on until they have completely sold themselves out of any dignity and modesty. The desire to be admired is setting them on a path and social media and music has enticed and allowed it.

Kids today are dealing with broken homes with mama’s new boyfriend and daddy’s new girl friend and siblings from different parents. They are competing for their parents attention and affections. They don’t get it, turn to the first guy or girl that gives it to them.  The parents can’t even be bothered to be decent parents because they too are hulled up in the bathroom snapping their own selfies to keep their social life lit. HA! Don’t believe it. Sit down and listen to some of these teens.

Here’s another area to be concerned about. As if all that wasn’t enough.  These sickening songs they are listening to have videos.   They study watch and act out these videos. Your sweet little Suzy may not be aware that all those cute little hand and finger gestures in her video and photos  most likely mean something. They are typically associated with a gang or relay a coded message alerting their looker to whatever that thing represents. I have been studying and researching these for a while now. I am greatly concerned.

And you need to be too.  If you look at what these singers, actors, lyrics, movies, and shows represent you’ll understand what the cost is. Souls. Heaven. Hell.  There is a spirit, demonic spirits attached to all of these things.






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The downfall of silent Christians. The truth about what it means to be a true disciple, love, sin, and truth.

A year ago Lauren Daigle was a name known only by “Christians.”  Secular people and circles alike had no clue who she was and probably had never heard of her.  Recently Lauren has made her way to the Ellen show and Jimmy Fallon, I have no idea where else, but what I do know is most of North America probably knows her now. Not for her funky, soul sounding Christian songs, no, unfortunately she is surrounded by much controversy at this moment.

In her interview she says and I quote “I don’t know… I can’t say one way or the other. I am not God….”

Image source: You Tube WWUTT

Now let’s just stop right there.

The lyrics below are not full version or in exact order. Stay with me…

In her song “You Say”  (she is singing to God)  “You say I am loved, you say I am strong, you say I am held…..”

In her song “Still Rolling Stones” she says The grave let go, the darkness should have known… Now that you saved me, I sing cause you gave me a song of revive so I put it on vinyl….  I was blinded but now I see, I heard about the power and now I believe.”

In her song “How Can It Be” she says…You plead my cause, you right my wrongs, you break my chains, you overcome…

These are just a few lyrics from some of her songs. Beautiful lyrics.  However, she obviously has read enough of the Bible to know the words to these lyrics. To know that Jesus saves, He gives sight to the blind, He overcame darkness.

Guess she’s never gotten to…

“Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” Leviticus 18:22

By now you may be asking yourself, ANNND??? What’s it to you?  Who are you to judge?  You’re right. Who am I to judge?

If by speaking up about truthful, biblical  facts then call me Judge J.  For far to long now true Christians have been shrinking back and keeping quite for this very reason, fearful of being perceived as “judgmental” “self-righteous”  “hypocrites”  We constantly are reminded how it’s not our place to judge and that we are supposed to be loving and accepting.  That if we are “what a Christian is then I don’t want to be apart of that.”

We have stayed silent to extend peace.

My friends we have exchanged “tolerance” for “condoning”

While we can’t condone who people love and choose to bed, we can choose to speak up if point-blank asked.

True Christians, I can assure you love the person, but will tell with all the love, kindness and honestly that sin is sin, we strive to point to the truth of the gospel. I can also tell you that we know more than anyone how flawed we are.

We have to be sure to discern and fix our eyes on truth.  We can’t skirt around it because we love the person. thing, or fun, we have to love the truth.  And telling people the facts about scripture is a sure-fire way to show love.  Mostly though we have to walk out the scripture we quote.

As I was saying we have stood by in the name of keeping peace and slowly our rights are being stripped from us.  We have to stand up for the gospel and standing up for it means living by it and if we are living by it WE ARE SPEAKING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LIVING WORD. Saying ” I am not sure if homosexuality is a sin” but telling me I am loved and free is contradictory.   There is no freedom in sins grasps.

Here’s some more truth.  If a person confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord and asks HIM into their hearts and confesses that they are a sinner in need of His saving, they are saved.  IF a person is truly saved the Holy Spirit dwells inside them and they are changed, they are a new creation, the old has passed away, behold, the new has come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

That means that If you are homosexual, a thief, a murderer, an adulterer, then the desire to do those things should be going away.   You shouldn’t be able to continue to do that thing and not feel convicted.

So saying I believe in God and I love everyone, I go to church here and there, I read the Bible some, that’s simply not enough.  The Bible says that even the demons believe and tremble.

Or do you not know that wrong doers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the sexually immoral, nor idolators nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor the drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the spirit of our God.”  1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Being a perfect angel is hard, ha impossible but we should have the desire to Love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, and strength, we should have the desire to love others as ourself.    Yes love others, but point them to truth and that is love too. Him living inside of us changes us.

You want to know how to gauge your spiritual maturity?  The time it takes between your sin and your confession of your sin.  If it takes a while for you to confess you may wanna take a step back and reevaluate your life.

While we’re on the subject as I was writing this I had this thought, “why is homosexuality the one sin that creates the most controversy, why is it the one that when spoken out against true Christians fall under such scrutiny.

I feel like it’s this. Of all the sins homosexuality is the sin that is shoved down our throats that we should learn to be okay with, the one that we should understand that love is love and you can’t help who you love.  It’s the one sin that tries to overtake any place of life that was once normal. It’s on T.V. It’s in songs, it’s in commercials, it’s in advertising, it’s coming to a bathroom near you, it’s coming to a classroom to our kids, it has its own organization, it can sue the pants of you for disagreeing with it or the people who stand for it.  Painted up, decked all out to be called love.  Last time I checked there are not commercials and rallies for murder.  There aren’t things just openly out there enticing you to steal.   I know there are gangs and I know thieves lurk everywhere, but I think you get the jest of what I am saying.

I have read where many so-called Christians say ” we aren’t to judge, at least she got the gospel in front of millions and millions of people who may not ever hear the lyrics.  And they’re right but she also just left out a big truth in the Bible, she may have very well just let someone think it’s okay.  And that’s not okay.   So on one side of the coin, yes many heard that Jesus is Still Rolling Stones, and on the other they can bed a person of the same gender and all is well.

Bottom line is this, if we (I am talking to myself here as well) are going to stand on any one word of truth in the Bible, if we are to bring glory to God and be the salt and light then we must stand on every single word, Even the one that says to LOVE.  Again, I say speaking the truth is a way of love, truth leads to the saving of many and what could be more loving than that.