Seasons of life

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Fall, autumn, whatever you call it, it’s refreshing after a long hot summer.  There is so much about it I love. The surface stuff is a given cooler temps, changing colors, etc, but I love the deeper stuff it represents.

In a season where dormancy is in motion it relates to my life.  Our lives go through seasons to.  Change is always going to come. It can be surface changes or just like fall deeper.

In order to grow some things have to be put to rest or die all together.   Think about where you are now, where you were, now think of where you are going.  Is everything that was there in the very beginning still with you now? Will what you have or who you have now be the same then?

What happens to those plants and trees that loose their leaves?  The tree sits bare all winter,   it slows down to save energy. It seems as if it’s dead, it isn’t. It is preparing for spring and the time of rebirth.   That tree is coming back stronger and prettier in growth mode. It never stops.

I too, am in a season of change. 🙂





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