The Star, my movie review

This afternoon I took my kids to the movies. I am not a big movie goer. Mainly because it is expensive, and also because I am just not a fan of being around that many people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love people just not sitting elbow to elbow with them for 2 hours.

It has been a while since we all went and our theatre just installed reclining seats during a recent remodel.

I am so glad to see more Christian based films in the last few years.  Some of them can be corny, cliche, and inaccurate.   However, I  am still thankful they exist and are still worthy of support.

Anyways, this movie although had things added was great.  If there were 5 stars, I would give it 5.

The little donkey and his side kick are searching for a life with meaning.  Something bigger and more than just what they had been doing.  We are like that too.  We get busy with the day to day grind.  We feel at times that there is more to life than what we are living.

So they set about their journey running on sheer excitement.  Once obstacles come their way and things get tough they loose momentum.  He has his plan but it gets interrupted so he can “warn Mary”  soon what he thought he wanted all his life gets taken over so he can save her.   A confrontation by Joseph leaves words said to the donkey that crush his little spirit.  He buys into the insults hurled and him and he decides then to forgo his plans to warn her and just go back to his “desires”   We are like that too, aren’t we.

We believe what others say about us.  We know our heart and intentions, but not everyone does.  That is when we need to stay the course, lean in to God and know what He says about us.

At some point the little donkey realizes when he sees what he desired his whole life that it wasn’t what he wanted anymore.  God had placed a new desire in him and he didn’t realize it until he seen what he thought he wanted. You see by this time lights and bells are going off inside me.  I see the correlation between it all.   God positioned the donkey for such a time as this.  The donkey was on the path God was leading him to. But those insults and the tough time was proving to be to much to go on.   Abandoning his mission seemed like the easiest thing.

Oh how we are just like that.  We can have a desire in our hearts and want it so much, but if we are not rooted so deep in Jesus we will abandon it all at the first storm.

When we have a desire in us that lines up to glorify God we must keep at it. Don’t even think for one minute that things are going to be a cake walk.   Struggles are going to come.

I won’t tell you the ending. I’ll just say that my heart was swelled up and tears flowed.  Jesus is the wildest ride but it’s so worth it.


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